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Welcome to the official Doom Store. Official Candlemass Merchandise authorized by the band.

Latest arrivals

Candlemass - Gold Skull t-shirt
The classic skull and logo printed in the stunning color liquid gold!
Candlemass - Slipmat
Felt slipmat for your record player! Put your beloved vinyl LP’s on the classic skull!
Candlemass - Beanie hat embrodied logo
Warm embrodied silver logo beanie hat. Total doom!
Candlemass vinyl sticker
Big vinyl sticker. 20 cm / 8 inch wide! This is a big great quality sticker with the classic...
Candlemass - Tales Girly/Skinny
Tales of Creation as girly / Skinny! Doom!
Candlemass - Ancient Dreams Baseball / Raglan
Ancient Dreams as an amazing baseball shirt. Backprint.
Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus
Iconic. Epic. Classic. Total Doom. On the back: Please Let Me Die In Solitude.
Candlemass - Tote bag/Vinyl bag
Bag in cotton for vinyl, beer, doom etc
Candlemass - Nightfall Girly/Skinny
Finally available as a girly / Skinny: Nightfall. Epic. One of the most solid Metal albums. Ever.
Candlemass - Psalms For The Dead
Finally in the Doom Store: Psalms!